Home Bargains Haul – September 2017


I thought I’d share some of the things I bought yesterday whilst in Home bargains! I just love both home bargains and B & M bargains, as you can get some amazing things for such good prices!

Before I start, as I was walking down the aisles, to my excitement, I stepped around the corner to find a Christmas aisles has been started! It currently has Christmas down one side and gardening down the other, but the Christmas items are in!

Anyway, lets start with something I bought from my lounge. We don’t have a coffee table in the middle of our lounge, I we have chosen not to have one, due to space and having a puppy who likes to bounce around the room! But we have found that we have nowhere to put drinks when we have people visiting.

I came across this cute little white, folding table whilst in Home bargains. You can use the top as a tray to carry your drinks too, which is perfect if you’ve got lots of visitors! At just £11.99 this is ideal, and can be folded away when it’s not being used!

I also have a real love for burning scented candles! And at £2.99 each these are a total bargain! I know it’s a bit early to be buying Christmas things, but I’m so excited for Christmas in our first house that I just couldn’t resist! And these smell incredible so I didn’t want to miss out on these!! The first is gingerbread (and my absolute favourite) and the second is warm apple and cinnamon!

I picked up some little neon sticky notes. They are just perfect for writing little reminders on! And they are so cute in a little flower and heart shape. These were just 79p!21744885_10214502001808854_2040504675_o

I always struggle to find a pound coin for shopping trolleys and I always loose the little coin keyrings! But these little keyrings were just 29p each so I can attach another one to my keys (and hopefully not loose the coin), one to my bag, and give one to my partner to attach to his keys too. 21767071_10214502009849055_893441294_o

Another thing I always loose…umbrellas! I just don’t know what I do with them. But at £2.99 each, it won’t matter too much if I loose it (not the mindset I know!). And they had all different colours and patterns to choose from. 21744843_10214502015089186_1863504786_o

Ever heard of the game bananagrams? Well my Nan got my family into it when we were children, and it can be so much fun, and also quite educational for young children too! These were just £4.99 in Home Bargains! When I looked online they seemed to be priced at least double that price! I bought a set for at my house, a set for at work and a set for a gift, as they are a bargain at that price!21742137_10214502003928907_2084061140_o.jpg

I love spending my evening just snuggled up on the sofa watching a film. So when I saw these in Home Bargains I just had to have them. These are just 79p, so I bought 4 so that we have enough for if we have visitors too. They didn’t say if they were dishwasher safe – but for 79p I gave it a go and they seem to be okay afterwards!21755018_10214502135652200_690492986_o

And finally I purchased a few more Christmas gifts. At 69p each these books are perfect for the young children in the family! These would be perfect if you want to do one of the book advent calendars for your children for Christmas and don’t want all Christmas books and want to keep the price down as much as possible. Just look at the lovely illustrations inside the books! And they had Paw Patrol books, which I know is a very popular children’s cartoon!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope it was of some interest, and you may have spotted some things you might go purchase too!

Charlotte Daisy


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