Meet Poppy



If you haven’t seen my previous posts, this is Poppy. Poppy is a Golden Retriever and is currently 15 weeks old. We got her from a lovely breeder in Cambridge, at just 9 weeks old. And she has changed our lives completely!

Poppy has settled in so well, and loves visiting our relatives, especially visiting Monty, our family’s Chocolate Labrador, who lives with my Dad.21246574_10214408124301975_2719273489656032375_o

Poppy enjoys going for her walks, and I’ve even braved letting her off lead. And she is surprisingly well behaved and follows commands!

We’ve only had Poppy for about 6 weeks, and 3 of those we were unable to walk her as she had to have her vaccinations first, but we have already been for walks in the New Forest, on a trip to Kent to visit a relative, for a pub lunch (blog post to follow), to the hospital to for special cuddles with my Grandad (who’s been in hospital for a few months now), to visit the cemetery where my Mum is buried and so many more places! We’ve already made so many memories, but I can’t wait to make even more with her!

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The only thing we have found with Poppy is that she is scared of cars. She will happily go for a drive in the car, no problem at all. But when we are going for walks, as soon as she hears a car she gets as far from the road as possible, lays down and watches the car pass. Once it’s passed she just gets up and carries on. Yeah, it’s not a completely bad thing, as at least she’s not too confident and at risk of being hit by a car, but it makes walking a short distance a lot longer than it needs to be.

I could never imagine how much Poppy would change our lives. I now can’t imagine my life without her!

Charlotte Daisy


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