26 weeks Pregnant! 25 weeks pregnant update!

I’ve been a bit quiet with my blog lately, as we have had so much going on! But I need to get back in the swing of things as I started this blog with the intention of not only sharing my life and what we get up to, but also as something that I can look back on in the future.

Pregnancy Tests

I couldn’t believe my eyes! All three were positive!

So…as you may have noticed from the title I am currently 26 weeks pregnant – 26 weeks and 4 days to be precise! In December, we were absolutely delighted to find out that we were pregnant and it really has changed our lives completely.

I remember the day I found out so clearly. That month we had given up trying and agreed we would try again after Christmas, as I’m not going to lie trying to conceive is tough! I know, we were only trying for 6 months but that was tough enough. It is mentally draining, it puts stress on your relationship and the disappointment you feel when those two lines don’t appear on the test and instead you are faced with good Mother Nature’s gift. I can’t even begin to imagine how people feel when they are trying to conceive for years. I don’t know what we did to deserve the early Christmas present that month, whether it be that I was more relaxed and not stressed over trying to conceive (whilst having a break from it) or the fact I ate ridiculous amounts of pineapple as I had read something about it being good for helping your body prepare for implantation. We will never know, but on 12th December 2017 those two lines appeared. I only tested as my period was a few days late, which isn’t something that’s too unusual for me but I had not been feeling myself that week. I can’t explain how I was feeling but I just didn’t feel right and expected more that I was going to come down with a bug! But since I had loads of the little cheap tests as we’d been trying to conceive I thought there’s no harm in seeing what it says!

When those two lines appeared, I cried, yet I couldn’t quite believe my eyes! I know they say there is no such thing as a fake positive, but I did not believe the test was right! How could it be? I dug out both a clear blue test and a first response test and did both at the same time. I was scared to look and just kept shaking. Once I plucked up the courage to look I couldn’t stop crying, they both confirmed that we were pregnant!

3D scan at 16 weeks

Our Baby Girl at 16 weeks

Fast forward to now, we are 26 weeks pregnant and have less than 14 weeks until our due date! It has started to fly by and before we know it she will be here (yes she! We were too impatient to wait to find out the sex).



I thought from now on I will do weekly updates on symptoms, the nursery, my bump etc. As I feel that now will be when we really notice a difference and are really making an effort to get our house ready for our little baby girl!

Baby Items

Conservatory full of baby items!

So this week, I thought I would start with my 25 weeks pregnant update. Then in a few days time I get properly up to date and upload my 26 weeks pregnant update, since I’m nearly at the end of it already! I haven’t really noticed much of a change in my symptoms apart from the nesting phase really kicking in! I think it has just started to hit home that it won’t be long and she’ll be here and we are far from ready for her arrival! I deep cleaned our conservatory this week to make space for all our baby items, as we have finally made a start on her nursery!

Star wallpaper

Star Wallpaper – From Great Little Trading Co.

So far we only have the first coat of white paint done in the nursery, so we have a lot left to do before it’ll be finished. Jamie (my partner) is currently doing the second coat of white paint as I am sitting her typing. But even after that, we still have to put up this beautiful grey star wallpaper, which we ordered from the Great Little Trading Co. We wanted to do a fairly neutral nursery, even though we know she is a girl and plan to add little touches of pink around the room. We then have to put about all the little extras like blinds, curtain poles and shelves. Then it needs carpeting as it’s currently got laminate flooring down, laid very poorly by the previous house owners. Although this was a good excuse to put down a nice soft carpet, ready for our baby girl to play on. I’m hoping we can get it all done before the furniture gets delivered, hopefully in the next couple of weeks! We ordered it from the Baby and Toddler event held by Emma’s Diary last month and were given an estimate of 6 weeks, so hopefully not too much longer. And then I can just sit in the room and add all the little finishing touches whilst we wait for baby girl to make her appearance.

Another symptom, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting this week is that I’ve been getting quite tired and out of breath quickly, I suppose I should expect this as I am carrying another human inside of me! However, this is a bit annoying when you hit the nesting phase and are desperate to get things done as it means for every ten minutes of doing something a half an hour break is then required! Although they are pretty productive breaks – watching youtubers talk about their pregnancy, packing their hospital bags and preparing for their birth.

Apart from that I think pregnancy has treated me fairly kindly, apart from catching every bug I encounter – but I think that’s more related to my lower immune system from pregnancy and working in a hospital so I’m exposed to a lot more than most pregnant women! At least I’m building up lots of antibodies to help with baby girl’s immune system!

25 weeks pregnant

25 Weeks pregnant Bump

Here is my bump at 25 weeks pregnant (I was getting ready to go to my cousins party). This was the day I discovered that most of my nice clothes no longer fit me! This was one of the few dresses I could get over my bump, but I had to wear leggings with it as it is now more of a t-shirt than a dress.

Thank you for reading my little update, I hope it wasn’t too boring!



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