26 weeks pregnant!


The beautiful bride

The beautiful bride

I can’t believe that tomorrow I will be 27 weeks pregnant, and be in my final week of the second trimester! Time is flying by and we still have so much to do! I know that the baby is not going to care what the house looks like, or how organised we are, but it makes me feel better and more relaxed when we get things done and get things organised.

This week has been a pretty busy week for us. On Saturday we attended my friend’s wedding, which was absolutely lovely. She looked absolutely stunning in her dressing and we had the most amazing time! I ordered this lovely floral dress from the Katie Piper maternity range from Want that Trend. I definitely would recommend ordering from Want that Trend, my dress arrived so quickly and was such a good price. I didn’t want to spend too much on a dress that I am not likely to get much use out of so at just over £20 it was perfect (sorry I can’t remember the exact price).

Jamie and I after the wedding

After the wedding

We didn’t take many photos at the wedding, but when we left Jamie and I took a photo of us together. I really do appreciate everything he does for me as well as everything he does for Poppy (our golden retriever puppy) and also for the baby. He puts up with all my moaning and stressing over getting things sorted – although he does love to tell everyone how much I moan! But he is working hard on getting our house all sorted ready for our baby girl’s arrival, and the list of jobs just keeps on growing!

We also went out for a meal for Jamie’s friend’s 25th Birthday at Cosmo. It was our first time at Cosmo and we had heard so many positive reviews about it that we had to give it a go! I’m so glad we did as it was amazing! The food was so good and I couldn’t get enough of the desserts that were on offer! I’ve found that whilst being pregnant I have gained a very sweet tooth so all you can eat dessert buffet was right up my street! A little bonus was that we got Jamie’s friend’s meal for free since it was his birthday, which I thought was a very nice offer.

Poppy and bump

Poppy and Bump

The following day I then went out for dinner and to the cinema with a few of the girls I work with. Before I went I got Jamie to take a quick photo of me in my summery outfit and just look how cute this photo is with Poppy! It’s like she’s giving my bump a kiss! It’s really poor lighting as it’s just by the front door and on the floor is some paper that Poppy had kindly shredded for us – annoying habit of hers! But I love this photo as it is just so cute! We went for a lovely dinner at Ask Italian and then went to see I Feel Pretty in the cinema. The food was delicious and I was absolutely stuffed when I left as we had mains and desserts, as well as garlic bread – and my stomach just can’t fit quite as much food in it anymore. The film was pretty good and quite funny but I just found the storyline a little bit too predictable. I also found that I was very uncomfortable sat in the cinema with my bump. I don’t think it helped that I was so full from all we had eaten though!

My symptoms this week have been very much the same. I just feel very big and my stomach feels like it’s very tight and very stretched. I know I’m only going to get bigger, so I know this feeling will probably get worse as the weeks go by. I started to notice a few little stretch marks making an appearance a few weeks ago, and this week they have really started to show. They are only on one side at the movement, however I’ve noticed a couple of little marks appearing on the opposite side of my bump too. Here are a few different photos of my 26 weeks pregnant bump.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have found that I am still getting quite out of breath at times. And bending down/reaching for the feet is being a bit of a difficult task! I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to put my tights on for work as that is becoming a bit of a nightmare! I generally feel pretty good. I wouldn’t say I enjoy being pregnant as such, mainly because I get quite uncomfortable at times with hip and back pain. I think that is sometimes made worse due to being on my feet all day and working 12 or 13 hour shifts. I know that baby girl will be worth every bit of discomfort though!

My bump has grown so much recently that most of my pyjamas no longer fit me! So today I popped into Pep and Co to see what they had in stock. It seemed that I just happened to go there at the right time as their pyjamas are currently on offer – 2 for £7. I picked up these two pairs of pyjamas in a bigger size, so they would cover my growing bump. They are so comfy and an absolute bargain at just £3.50 a pair!

So that’s it for my 26 weeks pregnant update. Not really any big changes but we are one week closer to meeting our baby girl!


Thank you so much for reading!

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